Solar house near Radkersburg

The solar house in Halbenrain near Radkersburg. After the technical documentation about energy, here the furnishings of the rooms.

Neighbourhood in east, south and west Neighbourhood in east, south and west
The panorama pictures shows the view from the terrace on the south side of the solar house in Halbenrain. 1000 squaremeter own real estate and the neighbours have also much property.

Balcony towards west, view from south to north Balcony towards west, view from south to north
Sun short after noon until sunset offers the 14 squaremeter balcony on the west side of the house.

Living room in solar energy house Halbenrain Living room in solar energy house Halbenrain
Spacious living room on the south side of the zero energy house.

Tiled stove living room
Much love for the details had the house owner for the tiled stove. This stove is only to meet the ancient building regulations from 1993. Tiled stove with hunting motoves
On the eastern side of the built on order tiled stove are some hunting motives. Far left the goddess of the hunt  Diana. Tiled stove with St. Lukas, St. Petrus und Moses
The southern side of the built on order tiled stove shows some holy people. Saints of viticulture on a tiled stove
The western side of the tiled stove individual designed shows the saint of viticulture  St.Urban, St.Martin und St.Paulus. Tiled stove antechamber
The tiled stove is operated from the antechamber side. The constructor of the oven had here the first time installed a heat exchanger. Bred trowel for baking
In the cellar is this trowel for the possibility to bake up to 5 bred in the tiled stove. Minster pendulum clock
In the antechamber between guest bathroom and kitchen door is this Minster clock. On the kitchen door is a picture created in a special glas drawing technic. Glas art with melted glas
The glas picture on the door is a symbol for the solar house. Green gras, blue sky and the sun. The colored glas parts are mlted together to on piece. Playroom above the garage
Above the garage, maybe a half meter lower than the first floor is below the roof a playroom for children. Cellar door half transparent mirror
The cellar can be also reached by an outdoor stair. 8 mirrored glas windows decorate the door frame. To see from inside out, but not from outside in. Ping pong in cellar
Room for ping pong in the cellar. Far left is the door to the fallout shelter visible. Fallout shelter in the cellar
1993 at the application for construction was in the styran construction code a fallout shelter with 260kg door from steal and lead necessary. Central vacuum cleaner in the garage
In each floor is a in the hallway a plug for the vacuum cleaner. The 9m long hospipe reachs to every room in a floor.

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