Insulation material thickness optimum

Who brings a computation method to all architects which hides the price for the heating equipment, in order to sell more expensive heating equipment and less insulation material?

Surpising answer: A company selling thermal insulation material.

A further formula as wrong as the flying dwarfs formula from the last example.

surface in m²
u value wall without insulation
u Value for 1m insulation
EUR für 1 m³ insulation
EUR per kWh thermc energy
Heating degree days

Attention! incomplete formula! The costs for the heating system is not evaluate.The costs for a good insulated house are far lower.

Insulation in mm
u=W m² K
Price for energy per year
Price for insulation
for 10
for 15
for 25

  Solar architecture against wrong formulas

Again and again, there are critics which want to proof it's uneconomically

Ideal weight: Flying dwarf computation
So try a little bit with the weight example before You go to the next lesson. It is necessary to rip down all wrong computation methods before You learn about solar architecture

Thermal insulation
Are in the formula from the last page somewhere the costs for the heating system? This shows that the formula is wrong.

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