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Heat pump with high COP Heat pump with high COP
Higher COP and less energy usage by electronic injection of the coolant. This together with other measurements gives an unusual high COP.

Inside a heat pump Inside a heat pump
Schüco makes a look inside a heat pump possilble. The compressor (right) liquifies the coolant with high pressure into the condenser.

Home exercise kit heat pump Home exercise kit heat pump
The theory is well known. Higher temperature difference between cold and warm side causes more energy demand for the heat pump.

Warm water out of the buffer storage from the heating Warm water out of the buffer storage from the heating
By a plate heat exchanger is tap water warmed up during the passage. No time for bacterias to breed in the warm water.

Heat pump for warm water and heating Heat pump for warm water and heating
Compact in one unit with the buffer storage, the system manages the warmth from the photovoltic moudules, heating and cooling of the earth collector.

Heat pump furtherance from Salzburg AG Heat pump furtherance from Salzburg AG
Only at good insulated houses gives the Salzburg AG a furtherance on the required thermical achievement of the heat pump. A good action to save energy.

Cold beer to hard Cold beer to hard
Home trainer with heat pump. In the left tub is a bottle of beer, but at the required pedaling to make the beer cool, it's likely to give up before.

Heat pump Heat pump
To make out of the lecture solar heating a perceptible experience, there was on the fair booth a cooling body, a heat pump and on the other side some radiators.

Heat pump arguments
Well carried out in a good insulated house with heat recovery ventilation the most efficient method to save energy at heating and warm water production.

Heat pump demo Heat pump demo
This modified home exercise kit is for the illustration of the heat pump. The compressor powered by human muscles takes the coolant.

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