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Cheap foundation for cheaper construction
While one family houses need at last a foundation for around 10,000,-EUR, a mobile home needs no foundation, so it's remarkable cheap. Simple wall construction at a mobile home
Not all companies do such an effort like Tobs at the energy saving mobile home. Here an example what is the usual standard at mobile homes. Mobile home wall construction
The maximum width to make the transport as e simple retinued over broad transport is 3.6m. So not su much place for thermal insulation remains. Energy saving mobile home
As a world innvoation calls manufacturer Tobs his fiirst energy saving mobile home. Reason enough to examine the concept mobile home for living. Central vacuum cleaner in the garage
In each floor is a in the hallway a plug for the vacuum cleaner. The 9m long hospipe reachs to every room in a floor. Fallout shelter in the cellar
1993 at the application for construction was in the styran construction code a fallout shelter with 260kg door from steal and lead necessary. Ping pong in cellar
Room for ping pong in the cellar. Far left is the door to the fallout shelter visible. Cellar door half transparent mirror
The cellar can be also reached by an outdoor stair. 8 mirrored glas windows decorate the door frame. To see from inside out, but not from outside in. Playroom above the garage
Above the garage, maybe a half meter lower than the first floor is below the roof a playroom for children. Glas art with melted glas
The glas picture on the door is a symbol for the solar house. Green gras, blue sky and the sun. The colored glas parts are mlted together to on piece. Minster pendulum clock
In the antechamber between guest bathroom and kitchen door is this Minster clock. On the kitchen door is a picture created in a special glas drawing technic. Bred trowel for baking
In the cellar is this trowel for the possibility to bake up to 5 bred in the tiled stove. Tiled stove antechamber
The tiled stove is operated from the antechamber side. The constructor of the oven had here the first time installed a heat exchanger. Saints of viticulture on a tiled stove
The western side of the tiled stove individual designed shows the saint of viticulture  St.Urban, St.Martin und St.Paulus. Tiled stove with St. Lukas, St. Petrus und Moses
The southern side of the built on order tiled stove shows some holy people. Tiled stove with hunting motoves
On the eastern side of the built on order tiled stove are some hunting motives. Far left the goddess of the hunt  Diana. Tiled stove living room
Much love for the details had the house owner for the tiled stove. This stove is only to meet the ancient building regulations from 1993. Living room in solar energy house Halbenrain
Spacious living room on the south side of the zero energy house. Balcony towards west, view from south to north
Sun short after noon until sunset offers the 14 squaremeter balcony on the west side of the house. Neighbourhood in east, south and west
The panorama pictures shows the view from the terrace on the south side of the solar house in Halbenrain. 1000 squaremeter own real estate and the neighbours have also much property. Regulation for solar equipment
The sun of the house owner was one of the first apple ][ owners in Austria and chief of Enercon wind energy in Austria. No problem for him to design and construct the control system. Heat exchanger for the swimming pool
The big heat exchanger left is for the solar collectors. The other heat exchanger is for a future swimming pool. The solar collectors are even for this big enough, Warm water storage
By the big saison storage in the garden, the 500 liter boiler is heated. Insulation squirted
A 25cm thermal insulation had been squirted on the 10m long and 2.2m diameter tanks. The tanks are at the south and west side of the house. Saison storage
Normally, saison storages are uneconomically. In this case had the house owner much luck. He got by lucky circumstances 2 of this 30.000 litre tanks Operating expenses paid by negative electric bill
Payments for property tax, canal and garbage. After paying this expenses by the negative electric bill, only -3 EUR remaining operating expenses per month. Negative electric bill
Each quarter sends the electric company per EFT to the bank account of the house owner. 144.-EUR is the negative electric bill. Little bit more than all other operating expenses. South east view Null energy house in Halbenrain
On the esat side is a second entrance.A stair leads to a front door to a large waterproof concrete cellar. South view zero energy house in Styria Vulaknland
On the upper part of the roof are 48 squaremeter solar collector. Below left and right 24 photovoltaic modules with together 2.1 kW peak Roof gradient for more thermic yield in winter
48 degree roof gradient towards south, 34 degree towards north.Ths house is turned 5 degree towards west. The steep south roof is fore more solar collectro yield in winter.

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