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Sera wall heating from the passive house in Salzburg
To have more comfort and less energy damand, Ing. Heinz Eggert developt 1979 a wall heating for his passive house project. Mechanic for the thermal protection of the windows
Special for this house are this fittings developt to open and close the thermal protection in front of the windows from inside. Insie is a crank. Night insulation for the windows
In winter are 2/3 night and 1/3 day. To reduce thermal looses in the long winter nights, all windows and glas doors are with a foldaway thermal protection. Fourfold glazing for u=0,8 thermal insulation
There was 1980 no offer for  thermal insulation glazing like today. Ing.Heinz Eggert constructed doors and windows himself. Air collector roof
Direct below the aluminium roof ascend warm air. The air heated by the warm roof is pulled by a 300 Watt ventialator through cavums in the walls. Passive house pioneer in Salzburg: Ing. Heinz Eggert
With an energy demand for heating like 400 to 500 litre fuel oil equivalent for 170m² living space, the house from 1980 is within todays standards for passive houses. Bayern - Pilsting - Pfarrer Müller Street 1 - 100000 roof PV program
Buyer Karner / Thomas: 1.4 kW peak Kyocera KC 120 photovoltaic modules. Fronius midi inverter, thermic solar collectors 28 m² east and west side. Bayern - Pilsting Lilien Street 2 - 100000 roof program
Buyer Meindl. 2.97 kW peak photovoltaic, Sunny Boy inverter. Bayern - Pilsting - Pflegau 41 - 100000 roofs photovoltaic program
Buyer: Roland Zeller, 5,16 kW peak photovoltaic, 2 Sunny Boy inverter. Pilsting - Peigen - Habsburger Street 13 - photovoltaic system
Buyer: Xaver Dachs: Photovoltaic system with 6.12 kW peak. Modules: 68 x Helios H900 / 90 W. Bavaria - Pilsting - Super merket Neukauf - 100000 roofs program
Neukauf Pilsting  11.52 kW peak. Modules Solarex MSX-120, inverters: 4 x SMA Sunny Boy 2500. Speciality: Large display and remote supervision. Central vacuum cleaner in the basement
No exhaust air from the vacuum cleaner in the house, because the central vacuum cleaner is in the basement. Much less noise and more comfort. Cable transfer to the rotateable house
All utility lines of the firm basement are transferred to the rotatable house here. Electric power, water and from the central vacuum cleaner Turnable house: always after the sun
From firm basement photographed up to the rotatable part: Exhaust, supply air and waste water are feeded into the center of the rotatable house. Gear drive with wheels to turn the house
2 of such gearmotors for turning the house are installed in the preproduction model. Tests yielded that one would completely have been sufficient. Sound absorber of the ventilating system
Huge sound absorbers at the ventilating system guarantee living comfort. Energy saving which does not influence the comfort. Heat recovery from outgoing air
The warm outgoing air gives the biggest part of the heat energy to the cold incoming air. Even necessary for low energy houses. With plus energy houses a must. Sponsors for a solar energy project
A house of the future from 2091: 1991 designed and 2001 finished. A vision about living in the age of solar energy supported by many future-oriented companies. GEMINI inhabited solar power plant: guided tour
She will tell You during the guided tour about technic, targets and backgrounds of the house, which is at the same time a solar power plant Styria exhibition for energy - Weiz - GEMINI solar power plant
The GEMINI house is open until 28. October 2001: Monday to friday 11am - 1pm, 2pm - 6 pm, Saturday 11am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 6pm Whirlpool in bath
Exclusive detail in the bathroom: Bathtoob with whirlpool to show the connection between noble livestyle and solar energy. Turnable solar equipment on the GEMINI house
A hot summer day with the huge windows always turned to the sun? No, to hot. To solve the problem, the solar equipment can turn independent from the house. First floor with 2 room in semicircle form
The windows are room high. The balcony balustrade is very hardly to see out of turned glass. Before, a part of the photovoltaics plant. Livingroom as lecture hall during the exhibition
The round livingroom with the integrated furniture concept serves as lecture hall during the styria country exhibition about energy. Photo of solar house - styria country exhibition
Look as fresh from a SF SciFi Science Fiction film however, was planned in order to help to solve concrete energy problems on the planet earth. Hallways to control the prisoners
Endless long halways inf font of the prison cells? Fot that the wardens can better control the prisoners? Wrong this is a ''social'' settlement in Salzburg. (A)social settlement in Salzburg
The architecture is inspired by US prisons. The inner courtyard with long hallways with the prison cells, no apartments behind. Room for Europark parking lots
To have enough parking lots for the near Europark, the Polaring settlement is extrem dense built. Why not the settlement over the parking lots? Cheap living in a mobil home not in Salzburg
In the district of Salzburg is only one place for mobile homes. A little bit remote and direct beside the A10 highway ''Tauernautobahn'' Romantic reside
In the evening, the sun comes for a short time though the dense clouds over the fair area and gives an idea over the romantic reside feeling in a mobil home

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