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It snows - anyway electric power from the sun
December 6th 9:00am. Dense snow clouds, the near Untersberg is not visible, it snows. What can a photovoltaic deliver at this weather conditions. Heat central
Earlier there was in Romania mostly uncounted central heating. However, if in a residential block some tenants could not pay the operating expenses, the heat was turned off to all. Security door as a moneyspinner
Door frames from steel, not turnable security locks, locking with 3 bolts as usual used in safes. The new doors look confidence-building. New front door for more security
In 2 concrete constructions where sisters of my woman in Sibiu Romania live, there are about 10% of the front doors replaced since 2004 against very burglary-restraining new doors. Bar code as a house gate key
What first looked like a key adherent  revealed his secret in the back light. In the dark half-clear plastic is a bar code. Residential block locked in Romania
Up to now I knew in Romania only open residential block. However, since the last year was postprepared here with intercom and looked front doors. Antechamber ready plastered
A part of the new house which is quite ready. Nice tiled, nicely plastered, nothing reveals more the loam stow wall from among  the house is built. Plaster with wire mesh
The straw loam wall is prepared for plastering. Smashed nails fix a wire mesh in the thick cleaning layer just should find. Window twice single glas out of wood
Modern windows with double or triple glazing and special heat insulation glazing are too expensive to the builder-owner. Traditional wooden windows are used. Unfinished Room
The walls are still unplastered loam with straw. The cover exists of wood. Between the boards are the narrow gaps through which loam and straw streams. Tin loam straw roof
Detail photo of the roof structure. Under the metal is a layer of loam straw mixture. Under it a wooden constrction begins. Loam straw house
This side of the house is already finished. The loam straw wall is plastered with a leemlaag layer. Lemhmstroh unplastered one
The outer wall on the left in the picture is already plastered, the back of the house from which also the detailed photo comes still shows the unplastered loam straw wall. Loam straw wall unplastered
In the back of the house the wall construction becomes visible. The walls are from loam and straw like the detailed photo points. Vegetable garden at own house
The vegetable garden lies with the side of the street. About 1/3 of the house is still unfinished, but the vegetables already grow in own garden. Eggs and chickens of own garden
The first equipment in chickens is probably a present of the parents who have about 20 km away a small farm. In the garden is also the storeroom in maize chicken feed. Pigsty from a single-family house
A single-family house means in Romania as much independence as possible and independence means own food like pigs, chickens and vegetables. 30.000 EUR House
One has not counted the working hours, the whole the building of a house has cost about 30 000 EUR, equally  prise of my Seat Alhambra parked before it. New single-family house in Romania in 2005
Here stands the pride of a Roumanian family. Escaped from the dreary concrete block with own hands work, the house is completely established in own contribution. New building settlement by Birlad in Romania
The houses are new, but it is built with traditional materials like already before centuries. Old or anew, so, the age of the settlement is not recognizable. Access way to a new settlement area
Already in dry weather the access road is a burden. The inhabitants of the new settlement hope to get as soon as possible a tarred street. Doghouse on a farm in Romania
Absolute minimalism with the construction of this doghouse. 2 boards, something what could be roofing felt, some straw in the internal and already is the doghouse finished. Turkeys without stable
Just the open land kepping was forbade in Austria because of the bird's influenza. However, here in Romania open land bird's posture is omnipresent. Goose keeping in Romania
On the access way to the farm of my parents in law in a village close Birlad in Romania are a lot of geese. No stable, only shelters for the birds. Fertilizer collection
Here the farmers with the liquid manure barrels behind the tractor take over the liquid manure. The material what comes from the fermentation gas system is similar to cow dung. Fertilizer from the fermentation gas equipment
The lagoon catches 2,000 cubic meters fertilizers. After 6 months of fermentation gas production the lagoon is full. Then there come the farmers and fetch the valuable fertilizer. Second fermenter 1500 m³
The tent roof serves as a gas storage. The storage can store the produced gas for 11.5 hours. At the moment electricity and heat is produced with the gas in a 500 kW gas engine. Main fermenter 1500 m³
For the start, 1300 ms ³ sanies had been introduced to the bacterial cultivation . Another research equipment got by 2 years without slury supplies, here the researchers hope more. Solid entry
From the driving silos are up to 50 cubic meters of biomass all at once brought in the solid entry. This thing is comparable, so to speak, to the mouth of the cow. Driving silo as a biomass depot
10,000 metric tons of biomass of the maize cultivation are delivered here per year in the driving silos. Each of 4 driving silos is 15 ms wide and 70 ms long.

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