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Hydrogen energy cycle
Hydrogen economy as a model. Photovoltaic delivers electric power, electrolysis splits water, hydrogen stored, fuel cell delivers electricity. Self photo with infrared camera
What is normally used to make cold bridges at houses visible is here used as a fair attraction. An infrared camera shows pictures on 4 big screens. Triple glass window with integratged rouleau
Also at this 3 glass window is the special fitting for a uninterrupted seal used. Window fitting uninterrupted seal
At normal hinges is the seal interrupted at the hinge. This fitting used at high quality windows makes an uninterrupted seal all around possible. Residential project with Fen Shui and a big pond
3 different passive houses with divers special features around the common used 90m long pond makes the project living circle. Feng Shui project in Retz lower Austria
3 architects, 3 different types of passive houses, 17 houses, a big swimming pond in the middle and one society house develops in Retz lower Austria. Rotating heat exchanger
Here shows Hoval on his booth an energy revovery ventilator with show window. In the rotating heat exchanger are many flues. ERV energy recovery ventilator
This ventilation system recovers not only heat from the outgoing air, but also humidity. less dry air in the living space. Segway steering for curves
After reading several years about the Segway in newspapers, now I learn how to steer it. Forward and reverse by weight distribution. Segway sighted in Austria
Hoval distributed flyers with one of the first segways in Austria on the construction fair in Vienna. A good promotion idea because the exotic Segway is very noticeable. Swimming pond cleaning
Instead of in a pump with subpressure, the CLAQ sediment pumper is connected to a high-pressure cleaner as for example from Kärcher. This makes the system very inexpensive. Swimming pond planning
A swimming pond belongs to the dreams at the planned house. Besides, the unusual is planned. In search of a competent partner for the realization Claq struck. Passable wardrobe
Behind the sliding door is an extensive system of drawers and bars for the clothes. Sliding door to and nothing is to be seen more from all contents. Passable cupboard
Separee from Bavaria shows his cupboard and sliding door systems. An interesting solution, I include it perhaps in my planning for my own house. Kitchen drawer with special fitting
About 10 cms before the touch, the lively push in drawer becomes all at once much slower. A special drawer fitting provides for this feature. Braal - the whispering kitchen
What can whisper in a kitchen? Curiously from the advertising saying, I decide to go for the thing on the reason. The solution of the riddle is the seal mechanic of  the drawers. Furniture wall for flat television
Earlier, the depth of a residential wall was determined by the depth of the picture tube. The new generation of the flat televisions also needs a new design for their placement. Chest of drawers for indirect lighting
In front, it is obviously a chest of drawers. Behind it, there is a system for the indirect lighting. The design piece of furniture comes from Skloib Wohndesign. Flat chest of drawers
How only does this big drawer come to the elegnt rounded very flat chest of drawers? Look Precise, the orange border is not the wall. Pressure-watertight cellar for a fixed price
I came on the exhibition stand as a fan of the cheap method without cellar. After some discussions about the offer I already wanted to build with a cellar below half the house. Drawer below the staircase
Finally the third furniture below the staircase. Because of the limited height is only a drawer possible. Shoe box below staricase
The next furniture below the staricase is for shoes, because they need less height than the wardrobe. Passionate optimal space usage. Wardrobe below staircase
One movement and the wardrobe glides out below the staricase. In many prefabricated component houses are angled staircases where this is impossible. Under the staircase
A rectilinear staircase makes it possible to place below some cupboards. Since the staircase does not count at the living space, it makes more storage capacity possible. Winter sun behind light clouds
Only 19 degree above the horizont is the sun behind light clouds. At horizontal photovoltaic, this brings only double compared to yesterday noon under clouds. Morning sun behind stratus
Blue sky, over the near hill is some stratus. Subjectively is the weather much brighter than yesterday at 9:00am. But objectively, it was yesterday at the same time brighter. Dusky or dusky? Difference 1.8
Subjectively, it's as dusky as yesterday. But the electric power yield shows between dusky yesterday 9:00 and today 12:00 is an 1:8 difference. Cloudy but brighter
December 7th 2005 in Gartenau. Between the clouds is a part of the Untersberg visible. Maybe a little brighter than yesterday. Measurement shows even brighter than yesterday at noon. 12 noon in december
The snowfall has changed to rain. For the human eye as dark as 3 hours berore, but Canon S1 and the  Voltmeter show an evident increase. Solar power despite snowfall
While the crystalline modul delivers even not enough voltage delivers the Three layer amorphous from Unisolar still 32,6 mA charge current. 398 mW from 0,5m².

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