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Bend forward in the seat with correct position back
Forwards bend leads with every normal seat to a crooked back. Not with the Swopper, the seat bends forwards, the back remains in correct position. Swopper health seat
Belly muscle training, back muscle training and something act good for the intervertebral discs. The Swopper allows all that in the seat during the work. Cooking tools
In the uppermost drawer are, after all, cooking tools, which I have never seen some before. Flatware case
Above the big drawer for the plates, the case is for the flatware. Drawer for crockery
Beside wing doors, a typical element of this kitchen is the store system. Here the lowest drawer for the plates. Kitchen with wing doors
At upwards opening wing doors one thinks as first of rare sports-cars. However, far from it, also with deluxe kitchens the wing door is used. Princess on the pea: Double bed with one mattress!
If I liked to be near my woman, gaps interfere in the bed immensely. There I become properly the princess on the pea. Only double beds like this with one mattress! French bed
After one hears in so many cheap shops, 2 mattresses with a gap to seperate the lovers is the last wisdom, finally, a right bed for a pair. Glass furniture
6 glass elements about one another, in each case with a rotary element with each other linked. Every single glass element can be turned in every wamted direction. Bureau furniture
At first sight it looks like a living room piece of furniture, however, behind the sliding doors hides everything what belongs to the new concept office entertainment. Bureau wall
First time shown on the IFA in Berlin 2005: Looks like a cupboard, but there is an office with big flat screen and a keyboard drawer. Revolvable cupboard
The big flat screen and other home entertainment components are on the other side of the cupboard. Turnable cupboard
Around the metal column in the middle this cupboard wall can be rotated. Now the Home entertainment side is in the foreground with the big flat television. Bose Dockingstation for Apple iPod
Lay the IPod in the dockingstation, already You can hear the music about the Bose box. An easy integration from iPod in a stereo. Bang & Olufsen in the ceremony hall of Viennese Hofburg
Crystal candlesticks, parquet ground and marbel columns of the ceremony hall create a luxurious ambience to present  the designer mark Bang & Olufsen well. Instruments at the blower door test
At the frame of the door are the measuring tools- A good house has to be airtight. The air exchange is by the airing system with heat recovery. Is the house airtight: Blower door test
In the energy balance of well insulated houses, unwanted air exchange plays a big role. Was all the carefulness making the house airtight successfull shows this test. Wall construction wood
Heradomo shows a display case, how to reach with 35,5cm wall thickness on u=0.15. 0,5cm conver, 2cm ground, 5cm Heraklith BM, 20cm jamb and insulation, 1.5cm OSB plate. Fireproof facade insulation
With more building height, fire safety becomes more important.. Sto ThermoCell is incombustible and so suitable for skyscrapers. Here the buildup of a facade insulation. Transparent insulation
The insualtion consists of many transparent tubules side by side. In front of the tubules a translucent covering of the insulation. Translucent insulation
1996 won Sto with the transparent insulation the innovation prize of German commerce. At the low sun in winter, the wall behind the insulation is warmed up. Solar cooker, cooking with the sun
Far beyond the possibilities of this smallest photovoltaic system is cooking. Here a burning mirror for concentrating the sunlight on the cooking pot. LED Flashlight with generator
In the middle a coil can be seen. In the tube is a permanent magnet. Shake it with the hand and You have light several minutes light from the  LED-lamp. 12 volts of soldering iron
For the use with the small solar sets is laid out of these 12 V soldering iron. Soldering is possible with solar energy from the smallest equipments. Distributor outlet 12 volts
The distribution outlet brings the whole wolrd of 12V car applications to the solar systems. Battery charger for mobile phone or for AA batteries or car-adapter for notebooks Switch box for micro solar energy equipment
No matter whether 4, 7 or 10 watts of solar set, on the backside is the connection for the photovoltaic and an on/off switch. Inside charge regulator and sealed lead acid battery. 10 watts Photovoltaic set
10 watts PV and 12 Ah sealed lead acid battery raise the price of the complete arrangement on 250. EUR. This is already enough to use a notebook 2 or 3 hours on a sunny day. It becomes a light in Africa: Solar set with lamp
7 watts Photovoltic, 7 Ah sealed lead battery and, in addition, a cable with a lamp. Clean light instead of an oil lamp. Completely for 120. EUR. Solar energy beginner's parcel less than 60. EUR
4 watts Photovoltaic modul, 3 Ah 12 V of sealed lead  battery, connecting leads for a 12 V lamp and with a 12 V of outlet to connect the whole world of 12V car applications. Electricity for Africa
Electric power for people without public electricity net and minimal monthly income. SolarCompact has specialized in these people forgotten by the big companies.

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