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Weave technologie to interweave flat
Wide ropes of fibers are interweaved here all at once. Different fibers are processed. So also carbon fibers. The new technology promises better qualities. Stainless tin deforms
No normal metal, but a new lightweight construction material. 2 thin Stainless tins linked with each other by microscopic fibers, are pressed here to a ball pattern. Distortion test with stainless steel light
The specimen is deformed as long as, until tears appear. Here the test with a lightweight construction metal from stainless steel, 2 thin tins are connected with steel fibers. Stainless steel light
Instead of a massive metal two thin tins connected with microscopic steel fibers with each other. The solution if weight and stainless steel are incompatible. Handbag with interior lighting
Where only has the mobile phone got then? The fluorescence foil poweed by a 9 volts block battery makes it easier to find all the stuff in a handbag. Colored electro luminiscence
About a rotary regulator the color of the luminous foil can be changed. To the practical example the prospectus also shows the theory of the function. Electric luminescence foils
The luminous prospectus of the Lumitec AG shows new possibilities for surfaces and background lighting. Instead of indirect lighting with reflecting losses big foils. 3D Laser
In the device is just a small plastic block of a keychain. The luminous points show where the laser is just working. 3D im block
An airplane floats in a massive plastic block. How does it come only there? The answer shows a 3D laser besides with which points are changed in the plastic. Photo print on different surfaces
Alpicto GmbH shows here  the possibility to print a photo on 10 different surfaces. Wound bandage from nanofibre
Often seen in science fiction movies, now had been the first prototype of a wound bandage fibre spray system seen on the material vision fair 2005 in Frankfurt Germany. Spin of nanofiber
An aluminium foil is brought in the electric spinning device. The nano fibres are sprayed on the foil. It looks like this after about one half minute. Electric spining of nano fiber
The department for material research of the Philipps university of Marburg shows at the material vision devices to the electric spin of nanofibres. Fire prevention with furniture boards
How this? Under the decoration are not as usual pressed wood chips, but foamglas. Thus, actually, also no chip board but a decorated foamglas board. Lightweight construction with not chip boards
Pure externally these records look like veneered chip boards. However, in the internal are hidden far lighter materal if it depends with the furniture construction on the weight. Decoration on honeycomb boards
From the front to the back are in the 3 different boards: aluminum honeycombs, hard foam PU and plastic honeycombs. From the photo to the chip board decoration
It has not to be always a wood design for funriture plates. Any photo can be processed to the board decoration. Here 2 examples of Thermopal Thermopal furniture board
From the chip board decor with own photo up to all what looks purely externally as a veneered chip plate, but is in internal no simple chip plate. Fair hall material vision Frankfurt in 2006
Fair report of the exhibition for new material 10 and 11 Novermber in 2005 in Frankfurt. The fair took place in one single fair hall. Here a panoramic photo. Garden furniture Donut
A table mounts on a big round Donut with 6 seats, on it. A child amazed the exhibitor on the fair when it spontaneously called ''Donut'', the name of the garden furniture. Room divider from fiber glass bars
A thick wood from fever glass sticks brings the visitor to the reflection whether this is a simple room divider or modern art. Designer sauna
Inside completely in Hemlock natur, outside Okoume blond and noble Wenge. As accessories there is color light therapy, loudspeaker and an alarm without cable. Bathtub runs over
But never mind because all around a overflow  bowl  full with stones is. In the overflow is also a lighting cyclically changing the colors. Here in the red phase. Bathroom accessories
Cotton donator and soap donator of ' Design im Griff' for the wall assembly. Turnable cloakroom hooks
5 cloth hooks for the cloakroom, once folded together, once turned for action. Foldable coat hooks
Mounted in order to save space on the wall, an arm with 6 notches for hanger can become folded out. Design in grip - furniture fittings
''Desgin im Griff'' - in the grip - as the company tells, design for furniture fittings under control Wheter coat hook, cloakroom chopping oder Badhroom accessories. Seat height adjust
As the third shifting element the height with the clutch can be still put below the seat completely regardless of the hardness of the seat. The swinging easyness: Side inclination put
Whether very stiffly or easily swinging with the rotary element in the underside of the armchair, according to body weight and how one feels best of all buoyant. Feather setting to the body weight adapt
The hardness of the springs is put with the rotary element on 45 to 130 kg weight. With the child model is the shifting area 25 to 50 kg.

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