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Spray without fog
Presentation of the fog free of spray gun in the exhibition stand. Numerous sheets have been sprayed on the poster stand already to demonstrate. Klimt - the kiss as a wall carpet
Also another famous picture of Gustav Klimt '' The kiss''',  is to be got with Perle as a wall carpet. Wall carpets: Klimt Adele
Much more cheap than for 100 million EUR there is at the company Perle Klimt's Adele as a wall carpet. One of numerous motives which are available as wall carpets. CNC Cutting of foamed plastic
Simply send a file and one gets of it from Wegerich the ready fitted foam rubber. Packs if requested also quite ready in textil material. Exhibition stand of foam rubber CNC cut
The column ant the bar shows the possibilities of the CNC cut equipment of Wegerich. Look at the slantwise cuted letters. Foam rubber CNC wrought
Plan all Your rubber foam parts Yourself. They will produce the parts exactly with a CNC (computer numeric controlled) equipment. LED lamps for indirect lighting
Into a ceiling strip integrates 2 lamps LED which light up the stucco strip from the cover to the left and on the right are. Fiberglass light conductor with LED in the ceiling strip
The company logo NMC is formed in the ceiling strip with a fiberglass light conductor who is supplied about a LED with light. Red green blue lighting LED in ceiling strip
In the ceiling strip are 3 acrylic plates which are lightened by 3 LEDs in the basic colors red, green and blue. Just right now, only the red LEDs are active. Snow turned over from the roof
Over the garbage container is a tin roof. The sun was sining on the left side. The heat had spread out to the right side and melted a thin layer of snow. Photovoltaic snow free by sliding
After the snow always slided down from the little bit descending roof to the windshield, it stands firm: The solution for a snow free photovoltaic. Water film lets slide the snow
80 minutes after I was car driving, all the snow from the front of the roof had slid to the windshield. The warmth from the interior room has melted a thin layer of snow.. Snow glides on a water film
At the first time, I thought a prankster pushed all the snow from the roof to the windshield. Because it happened several times, I started to think about it. Solar collector partial free from snow
Only a half meter tiles below the solar collector prevent the sliding of the snw. Tin instead of tiles would help here. Solar-collector under snow
Only a small upsurge in the snow shows, that on this roof of a garage is a solar collector. The failure: Below the collector is a tile roof. Solar collector snow free
On the north side is like on all other houses about one half meter snow on the roof. But the snow can not perist on the large solar collector. Snow shoveling on the roof
A very dangerouse work on a snowy roof. For the workers, but also for the chief in case of an accident with an unsecured worker. Sun instead of wood
One day after the news about the pellets shortage, measurements at 9 and 12 am. How much solar energy at this cloudy March 14th? Who is more secure. Snowfall in March
March 14th 9:00 am. The Untersberg behind the houses is not visible because of dense stratus. Light snowfall. Nevertheless surprising much electric power compared to December. Photo on porcelain
This is no normal paper picture. The picture is on a porcelain record. Porcelain foil
Before the burning the porcelain foil is light to work on. The pliability of the foil is demonstrated by the folds to paper ships impressively. Glass block with flower and light
Tension arm poured glass allows absolutely new creation possibilities. Here another example with a light object or lighting sculpture. Glass lamp from a glass block
In a glass block a hole drilled and in it the balls are filled and poured. From below light is brought in with LED lamps in the luminous object. Tension arm molten glass
2 about 15 cm thick glass plates show in the exhibition stand of Vision light technology what they can do: Tension lack glass and thus create new formative possibilities. Oscillation damper with Piezo effect
Experimental demonstration of oscillation reduction by Piezo effect. Hit with the rubber mallet on the panels. The panel with Piezo damper almost does not go on swinging. Heat exchanger with big surface
Here a foam-like structure from metal serves for the enlargement of the surface in comparison to customary heat exchangers. Carbon fibers with steel hollow balls
The surface from carbon fibers, in between a kind of metal foam. Many small hollow balls from steel form a frothy structure. High firmness with light weight. Hollow balls from steel
From the right to the left: Foam balls as a carrier material, on the foam balls metal powder is supplied. After the processing the ready hollow balls from steel. Carbon fiber auto part
The new carbon fiber weave technology is easy to recognize in this auto part with the help of the square pattern. Wide tapes are interweaved by carbon fibers. Carbon fibers interweaves flat
Wide tapes of carbon fibers are interweaved here. The new method offers better qualities than the customary web method with constant scuffle up and down the crosswies fibers.

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