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Solar industry fair China 2006: hall map 2
More than only an solar energy fair for products. Much more also an industry-fair over all aspects to the production of photovoltaic and others Solar-energy-equipment. Solar power fair Peking China 2006: hall map 1
The exhibitors can built up their booth on 18 and 19 October. Most booth are 3 * 3m. Some are 6*6, 6*9 and 6*12m. Heat pump
To make out of the lecture solar heating a perceptible experience, there was on the fair booth a cooling body, a heat pump and on the other side some radiators. Heat of the earth tube
previously, a heat pump took only heat from the previously and never gave heat. Cooling the photovoltaic constrains to store the excess heat in the garden. Part form an adequate roof
An aluminium tin with inlaid pipes similar to a floor heating. The roof delivers heat in the summer. The roof is kept snow free in winter. Above the photovoltaic. Lecture solar heating
Heat pump is for a long time known. Some architects even know about the possibility to use the underground as a seasonal storage. New: A roof to deliver electric power and heat. Warm roof construction
First the supporting construction, hereupon the heat insulation. On top an Alwitra proofing foil with integrated amorphous silicon thin layer photovoltaic. Photovoltaic on role
While it's necessary to work with crystalline photovoltaic very carefully to avoid crashed modules, here is the photovoltaic on a role from Alwitra roof proofing. Unisolar roof constructions
Unisolar presents on the fair all the different roof constructions from the industry partners. Instead of costly installation the photovoltaic is direct integrated into the roof. 7Ah solar equipment
The larger solar equipment is delivered with 3 plugs for 12V. So it's possible to power with the base equipment differend small devices at the same tme. 4Ah solar equipment
Improvemts compared to 2005. Everything is visible inside the blister packaging. The charge controller is attached to the battery, so the battery can be easy exchanged. Solar equipment packing
SolarCompact improved the packaging since 2005. On the rearside of the blister packaging are devices shown possible to power with a small solar equipment 2 billion people off grid
Small affordable solar sets for all the people where the electric power does not come put of the plug. As we know, electric power falls down from the sky. Goodbye Oil prices, the solar kings are coming
On the outside of the fair shows the van from AET alternative energy technic the motto of the fair. Goodbye oil princes, here are the solar kings coming. 30 years solar energy in Germany
Prof.Dr. Siegrid Jennsen speaks at the birthday party for the oldest German magazine about solar energy on the booth of Solarpraxis. Sharp concentrating cell
Current under development, more than 40% efficiency of the photovoltaic ceell at 500 times concentrated sunlight is the target. Below each lense, an only 7mm * 7mm cell. Trapeze tin roof: installing a photovoltaic
Mounting system for photovoltaic modules on a trapez tin roof.. The mounting system is available for all common sizees of trapez tin roofs. Rabbet roof tiles: mounting a photovoltaic
2 rabbet roof tiles are replaced by this photovoltaic mounting system. A similar system for installing a photovoltaic is also available for 'Frankfurter Pfanne' roof tiles. Transparent photovoltaic moduls
Look through a photovoltaic window. The 950mm * 980mm sized elements are available with 1,5,or 10% transparency and 55, 50 or 44 W peak. Photovoltaic window
MSK - Making Solar Work shows a photovoltaic window. New possibilities for the building integration of photovoltaic at office buildings and shopping centers. Inside a heat pump
Schüco makes a look inside a heat pump possilble. The compressor (right) liquifies the coolant with high pressure into the condenser. Skater course surface
In the skater course surface is a solar collector integrated. So it's possible to change the scater course in winter for ice skating or to heat the near by swimming pool in summer. Sport ground surface
Sport ground surface with heat exchanger. With this, it's possible to head to swimming pool in summer time. In winter, it's possible to use a tennis court for ice skating. Swimming pool heating
A solar collector for swimming pool heating can not only be installed on a roof. Solkav shows integration in sports grounds, footpaths and streets. Fair halls Freiburg Intersolar 2006
In the foreground the parking lot, from left to right fair hall 1 to 4, the outside part of the exhibition and the extension of the exhibition area in tents. Cheap vegetable oil micro CHP cogen
Because of the cheap Indian Standmotor, the complete CHP can be offered at an far lower price than usual in Germany. Valve controll by a pestle
At an low RPM stationary engine are also pestles good enough for the valve controll. The engine looks like, that a good mechanican can repair everything. Cheap Diesel engine
Even the starter battery is in India a luxury. Normal to start with a starting handle. An engine optimized for the rural areas of India. Photovoltaic from India
This photovoltaic modul from Central Electronics is complete made in India. Starting with the silicon are all parts ''made in India'' Sun watch - landmark of the Indian hall
The exhibition area from India on the Hnnoer industry fair 2006 starts with a big sun watch.

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