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Photovoltaic production CO2 emission
Proudly announces Evergreensolar with only 25,4 g CO2 per kWh solar electric power at their photovoltaic modules. At the calculation, the CO2 at the production is distributed on 25 years. Combined collector
From left to right: solar collector, photovoltaic and both in one. The combined colletor has a so good thermal efficiency, that hot water can be produced without heat pump. Flat roof foil
4 pieces of 6m long photovoltaic foils are on a flat roof foil from SolarIntegrated integrated. Photovoltaic fašade fair building Wels
11.000 kWh per year delivers this photovoltaic fašade on the administration builidng of the fair in Wels. This is about 5000.-EUR per year. Vent pipes easy to place
This pipes for airing system are easy to cut to length and to easy to stick together. Only 16 seconds Video (1,7 MB) show both.. Preheating for the air before the heat exchanger
The systems for using the heat of the earth are here combined with an airing system. The air from outside is warmed up before the heat exchanger by the heat of the earth. Airing for buildings
Large airing systems for residential or office buildings with over 90% heat recovery for 800 to 15.000 m³ air exchange per hour. Heat pump with high COP
Higher COP and less energy usage by electronic injection of the coolant. This together with other measurements gives an unusual high COP. drilling machine for deep drills instruments
Nordmeyer drilling machine with 5,8 kN hydraulic forward push. Photo from the instrumens of the self  propelling earth drilling machine. Deep drill for heat of the earth
This 8 tons heavy drilling machine drills holes for the usage of the heat of the earth. In average, 30 litre Diesel per hour consumed and 20m deep drilled. Hose pull in at central vacuum cleaner
The automatic hose pull in is the innovation what makes the difference between ZentOrgA and numerous other vendors. The hose disappears in a cavum in the floor. Central vacuum cleaner
Central vacuum cleaners are much more energy efficient than small vacuum cleaners. So the 1700 Watt engine brings 627 Watt in the air stream. Sheep wool insulation
Sheep are important to maintain the landscape. Besides this, they produce a very good insulation material. Insulation products with up to u=0.035 W/mK Heat pump furtherance from Salzburg AG
Only at good insulated houses gives the Salzburg AG a furtherance on the required thermical achievement of the heat pump. A good action to save energy. Ecological electric power from the Salzburg AG
For all which do not want to change the provider because of ecological electric power, Salzburg AG has a special tariff, 1.5 Cent more for a kWh for ecological projects. Modern home trainer
While many sport shops have only home trainers to generate heat, this prototype oi the Salzburg country government produces also electric power while pedaling. Cold beer to hard
Home trainer with heat pump. In the left tub is a bottle of beer, but at the required pedaling to make the beer cool, it's likely to give up before. Passive house wall buildup
The IG passive house shows on the fair this wall construction. With 50cm wall is u=0.1 achieved. Exactly what I promoted 1991. Passive house termin in Austria
Visiting the booth of the IG psaaive house fills my tickler file with a highly important termin: May 12th is opening of the passive house village for test housing. Fair salzburg new construction of hall 6
After a part of the roof collapsed in the extreme winter January 2006, hall 6has been built up new in a wood construction. Shower toilet
Flush and hot air dryer instead of toilet paper brings more comfort and hygiene at the toilet. The production of 1 kg paper needs 8 kWh energy. Umbrella rack
Two glibes, one on top of the other, with gentle junctions. The upper globe has 6 holes for the umbrellas. Barstool
Flat furniture hold
Key storage
Design pieces like this establish consuetudes and increase by this the comfort, because the keyes are not somewhere misplaced and later desperate searched. Luminous desk
This desk exists from 2 stools stacke on each other. One of the stools has a built in light. Luminous stool
This stool with built in light is useable for an indrect room illumination. The two stools can be put together to a desk Modern workplace
Why to sit uncomfortable, when it is possible to work recumbent? Ideal for the furnishing of a modern office with ergonomic workplace for a notebook. Couch conversion
The parts at the headboard and behind the couch from the Dieter Knoll collection are to be lowered. So the couch turns into a bed. Hofburg hall panorama during the furniture design 2006
Rolf Benz and other design furnitures in a hall of the Viennese Hofburg. To the sky and to the front is the hall limited by a wall of glas. Look in a patio of the Hofburg.

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