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Company building
Built 1984 with 24 m² heat collectors on the roof. 2005 had been 153 m² photovoltaic with 21.65 kW peak added. The estimeated yearly yield was 20500 kWh, 2007 was the yield 22400 kWh. Formula 1 wood model
The guild of Salzburg's carpenter showed on their booth this wooden model of a formula 1 race car as an eye catcher. Bed in cupboard
In this cupboard is a bed hidden, which comes out at the push of a button. Who does not belive it has to watch the video (4,5 MB) how the bad comes out of the cupboard. Light column with LED
Wooden columns with built in LED lights. The light column. TV sinkable into furniture
Furniture with slide up flat screen television. Television sinkable
The flatscreen TV disappears by remote control in the cabinet. Video (4 MB). Samermösl wall construction
On the booth of the IG passiv house Salzburg was this wall construction to see from the residence project Samer Mösl, a  big residential passive building project. Smart house sliding mounting
For the wood elements sliding in front of the doors and windows, there is a mounting over the whole length of the house below the roof. Smart house wall construction
Much more insulation than at simple mobil homes, but the salesman exaggerates when he wants to see here a basic superiority against mobil homes. Smart house bath room
Between Bedroom and living room of the Smart House is the bathroom Smart house bedroom
The windows start only very high in the bedroom. The windows let only light in, but enable no outlook. Smart House living room
Living room with integrated kitchen in the Smart House. Smart House outside
At the front side and the right side is a rail, where the wood elements can be slided in front of the windows. Smart House terrace
About 200 m² ground in a settlement of such compact homes in a beautiful landscape, efordable living in the green, so that there is enough money left. Sleeping room in mobile home Tobs 840
Essentially less cupboards, therefor a separate parents toilett at the right wall are in the sleeping room of the smallest Tobs mobile home. Living room in mobile home Tobs 840
Here is the living room with integrated kitchen in the middle between bath and children's room on the left side and the sleeping room on the right side. Tobs 840 mobile home fair model 2007
While the both bigger Tobs mobile homes are suitable as a main place of residence for 2 persons, this 8.4m long and 3.65m width model is designed for holidays and weekend. Children's room in Tobs 1080 mobile home
A bunk bed in the small children's room shows, this is designed for a family during the holydays, as washstand more likely for 2 persons only. Bath in Tobs 1080 mobile home
Shower cabine, washstand and washstand is the usual furnishing for the bathroom in a mobile home. Bedroom in Tobs 1080 mobile home
Just right now with our apartment with slanted walls below the roof, we can only dream from a sleeping room with so much cupboards. This furnishings is suitable for a main place of residence. Living room in Tobs 1080 mobile home
The kitchen is integrated into the living room in the entrance hall between living room and bedroom. Tobs 1080 mobile home fair model 2007
10.8m long and 3,65m width is the next mobile home which is presented by Tobs in Düsseldorf on the Caravan Show. Children's room in mobile home Tobs 860x610
Only the children's room is by it's size only for residence during the holydays designed. For permanent live a little bit to small. Bathroom in mobile home Tobs 860x610
Like usual in mobile homes, there is in the bathroom no bathtub, but only a cabin for shower Bedroom in mobile home Tobs 860x610
Roomy cubboards at the head end left and at the middle wall right show, this is not only for design, here it's possible to accommodate all things. Living room in mobile home Tobs 860x610
The spacious living room with integrated kitchen shows the difference between the broad construction with 2 parts combined compared to the long models. Tobs 860x610 mobile home fair model 2007
Tobs shows with 2 parts 860 cm long and 305 cm width parts combined to 610 cm width, what all is possible at mobile homes. Mobile home fair Düsseldorf panorama
Panorama photo from the mobile homes on the Caravan show Düsseldorf 2007. Tobs, which presented 1999 his energy saving mobile home was with 3 models on the fair. Intersolar 2008 in Munich
The fair ground in Freiburg is to small. This year had been 6 big tents where usual the parking lot of the fair is. Out of this reason, the fair Intersolar will be in 2008 Munich Solar roofing tile
Even when You like roofing tiles, You can use solar energy. GS presents this system with photovoltaic roofing tiles.

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