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Megawatt electric cable
3 electric rails 10mm x 80mm are coming from the inverter. After this each phase has 2 cables, each 300 mm² to the 20.000 Volt transformator with 1,25 MW power. 1,25 Megawatt inverter
Who has a roof as large as 2 soccer fields needs this a little bit bigger inverter. In the opened part on the right side is a transformer for the medium voltage grid. Box photovoltaic home system open
In the box at the bottom 2 100 Ah lead acid batteries and above the inverter. Left below middle a fan to bring the heat from the inverter out of the box. Solar home system with 1300 Watt
2 * 80 Watt photovoltaic and 2 * 100 Ah batteries can produce by an inverter up to 1300 Watt 230 Volt AC. This is like to have on a camp ground a 6 A fuse. Mini photovoltaic home system
12 Volt 12 Ah battery and 18 Watt photovoltaic are enough for radio, light, charge the cell phone and a netbook. On the right side 2 12 V sockets. Dipl. Ing Samuel D Fan
Shows the range of his home systems. Left a 12 V DC system with 12 Ah battery and 18 Watt photovoltaic, left with 2 100 Ah batteries and 160 Watt PV. Electric scooters for Africa
Photovoltaic and electric scooters for Africa. A theme mentioned by PEGE in  alternative US military budget 2007 and oil exit 2008 now shown at the Intersolar. Combination photovoltaic and solar collector
Roof areas have to be used more efficient. More electric power by cooling the photovoltaic and heat production as an additional benefit. Combined electric power and heat
2008 had been this combination of photovoltaic and solar collector honored by the German price of handwork companies. Cheap photovoltaic
The moduls are the 1/4 size from Signet. Signet is top favorite for the roof of my future house. Signet has the production equipment from Applied Materials. Masdar photovoltaic
At the Masdar project, they do not order for the future town photovoltaic modules, but photovoltaic factories. Applied materials delivers the production equipment. Enough solar power for planet earth
Finally, solar power on the scale the planet has been waiting for. In 7 month brought Applied Materials 5 factories to mass production. The potential of solar power
Put enough pannels in enough places, and the promise of solar becomes limitless. For this, a technology based on raw material available like sand on the beach in necessary. Cities with solar energy
Imagine entire cities powered by the sun. Already the placards from the parking lot west to the entrannce show the most important of the Intersolar 2009. Floorplan Intersoler 2009
Growth of 7 halls with 76.000 squaremeter to 9 occupied halls with 100.000 squaremeter. ERI Pressure Exchanger  energy recovery system
Appoximately 60 bar are necessary for sea water desalination with reverse osmosis. The water leaves the membranes with a remaining pressure of 58 bar. The ERI system recovers 93 to 97% of this energy and makes sea water reverse osmois plants affordable. DANFOSS axial piston pump high pressure pumps
High efficiency pumps from Danfoss are a central part of our low energy  desalination systems Water  cost calculator: cheapest drinking water costs
Calculate your water costs with our plants and your specific data like energy cost and variable yearly interests. With our waterprice you win. Definitely. Trapeze roof
Alternative to the trapeze roofs with Unisolar thin film: Up to 500m² can be mounted per day with this crystalline silicon system. Roof coverage with thin film modules
Regardless trapeze tin, bitumen, Eternit, Parabel has the right solution to make a solar roof out of it with thin film modules. Snow on photovoltaic
Fair innovation to bring away in winter the snow from the photovoltaic system. Removes snow and dirt from the photovoltaic for more yield. Modern Photovoltaic production to sell
How many photovoltaic factories needs Your country to be independent from fossile energy? How many factroies to cover the demans after the implementation of solar duty? Photovoltaic factories
Applied Materials is not on the Intersolar to sell photovoltaic modules, but to sell whole ready to work photovoltaic factories. Floorplan Intersolar 2008
7 halls occupied at Intersolar Munich Trade Fair Centre, more than twice the 3 halls at the Freiburg exhibition center. Climate controll by the floor
The conference room has a large window to the south side. When the sun shines into the room, the floor is direct heated up. A floor heating can take away the heat. Floor heating
Floor heating is not equal to floot heating. A very uniform distribution of the heat makes a very low input temperature possible. Less electric power demand at the heat pump. Heat pump Siemens SA 30 P
In front of the company building outside is this 29 kW heat pump. At a heat pump, each degree Celsius teperature difference is important. Earth-collector
Take not only heat, give also heat. The earth collector as a low temperature saisonal storage. Heat from the 24 m² solar collector on the roof heat up the earth collector. Switchboard for the heat management
Original from 1984, this switchboard controlls the heatpump, the 2 earth collectors and the heat collector on the roof. Heat collectors
Full with water collector system. For warming up the earth collector is also a low temperature enough. Sometimes also without sun, when the air is warm enough.

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