Wall design

New possibilities for wall design. Directory over all our reports about new methods and materials desgining wall surfaces.

Cotton as liquid tapestry Cotton as liquid tapestry
This special cotton is also called liquid tapestry. The material on the demonstration wall is simple made wet. The wet material can be distributed with a spatula.

Wall design with cotton Wall design with cotton
How extravagantly is the production of such a wall design? The next page shows, with the appropriate material simple some movements with a spatula.

Cotton wall surface Cotton wall surface
On the 3 walls of the booth, a plenitude of different patterns and effects for the wall design. All carried out by cooton.

Textile wall coating from wool Textile wall coating from wool
Nawofa stands probably as an abbreviation for nature woolen fiber, a new exclusive wall and ceiling coating from natural raw materials. Unexpectedly simply to process.

Wall carpets: Klimt Adele Wall carpets: Klimt Adele
Much more cheap than for 100 million EUR there is at the company Perle Klimt's Adele as a wall carpet. One of numerous motives which are available as wall carpets.

Klimt - the kiss as a wall carpet Klimt - the kiss as a wall carpet
Also another famous picture of Gustav Klimt '' The kiss''', is to be got with Perle as a wall carpet.

Wall layer simply removeable Wall layer simply removeable
Simple make the textil wall layer humid and remove it with a spatula. Rubbish? No! Of course not, the material can be used again.

Similar to textile wallpaper, however more simply to process Similar to textile wallpaper, however more simply to process
At first sight one could suppose a kind of textile wallpaper. However, it is a mixture from woolen fibers quite simply applied with a spatula on the wall.

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