Office furniture

Interior design for the office with picked furniture. Directory over all our reports about office furniture.

Bed in cupboard Bed in cupboard
In this cupboard is a bed hidden, which comes out at the push of a button. Who does not belive it has to watch the video (4,5 MB) how the bad comes out of the cupboard.

Modern workplace Modern workplace
Why to sit uncomfortable, when it is possible to work recumbent? Ideal for the furnishing of a modern office with ergonomic workplace for a notebook.

Swopper health seat Swopper health seat
Belly muscle training, back muscle training and something act good for the intervertebral discs. The Swopper allows all that in the seat during the work.

Bureau furniture Bureau furniture
At first sight it looks like a living room piece of furniture, however, behind the sliding doors hides everything what belongs to the new concept office entertainment.

Bureau wall Bureau wall
First time shown on the IFA in Berlin 2005: Looks like a cupboard, but there is an office with big flat screen and a keyboard drawer.

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