Materials for furnitures and interior design

New materials create new possiblities for furnitures and interior design. Directory over all our reports about new materials.

Porcelain foil Porcelain foil
Before the burning the porcelain foil is light to work on. The pliability of the foil is demonstrated by the folds to paper ships impressively.

Tension arm molten glass Tension arm molten glass
2 about 15 cm thick glass plates show in the exhibition stand of Vision light technology what they can do: Tension lack glass and thus create new formative possibilities.

Stainless steel light Stainless steel light
Instead of a massive metal two thin tins connected with microscopic steel fibers with each other. The solution if weight and stainless steel are incompatible.

Electric luminescence foils Electric luminescence foils
The luminous prospectus of the Lumitec AG shows new possibilities for surfaces and background lighting. Instead of indirect lighting with reflecting losses big foils.

Thermopal furniture board Thermopal furniture board
From the chip board decor with own photo up to all what looks purely externally as a veneered chip plate, but is in internal no simple chip plate.

Decoration on honeycomb boards Decoration on honeycomb boards
From the front to the back are in the 3 different boards: aluminum honeycombs, hard foam PU and plastic honeycombs.

Lightweight construction with not chip boards Lightweight construction with not chip boards
Pure externally these records look like veneered chip boards. However, in the internal are hidden far lighter materal if it depends with the furniture construction on the weight.

Fire prevention with furniture boards Fire prevention with furniture boards
How this? Under the decoration are not as usual pressed wood chips, but foamglas. Thus, actually, also no chip board but a decorated foamglas board.

Colored electro luminiscence Colored electro luminiscence
About a rotary regulator the color of the luminous foil can be changed. To the practical example the prospectus also shows the theory of the function.

Distortion test with stainless steel light Distortion test with stainless steel light
The specimen is deformed as long as, until tears appear. Here the test with a lightweight construction metal from stainless steel, 2 thin tins are connected with steel fibers.

Stainless tin deforms Stainless tin deforms
No normal metal, but a new lightweight construction material. 2 thin Stainless tins linked with each other by microscopic fibers, are pressed here to a ball pattern.

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