Living room furniture

Interior design for the living room with picked furniture. Directory over all our reports about living room furniture. See also living room photos

Television sinkable Television sinkable
The flatscreen TV disappears by remote control in the cabinet. Video (4 MB).

Couch conversion Couch conversion
The parts at the headboard and behind the couch from the Dieter Knoll collection are to be lowered. So the couch turns into a bed.

Glass furniture Glass furniture
6 glass elements about one another, in each case with a rotary element with each other linked. Every single glass element can be turned in every wamted direction.

Revolvable cupboard Revolvable cupboard
The big flat screen and other home entertainment components are on the other side of the cupboard.

Turnable cupboard Turnable cupboard
Around the metal column in the middle this cupboard wall can be rotated. Now the Home entertainment side is in the foreground with the big flat television.

Furniture wall for flat television Furniture wall for flat television
Earlier, the depth of a residential wall was determined by the depth of the picture tube. The new generation of the flat televisions also needs a new design for their placement.

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