Kitchen furniture

Interior design for the kitchen with picked furniture. Directory over all our reports about kitchen furniture. See also kitchen photos

Drawer for crockery Drawer for crockery
Beside wing doors, a typical element of this kitchen is the store system. Here the lowest drawer for the plates.

Kitchen with wing doors Kitchen with wing doors
At upwards opening wing doors one thinks as first of rare sports-cars. However, far from it, also with deluxe kitchens the wing door is used.

Kitchen drawer with special fitting Kitchen drawer with special fitting
About 10 cms before the touch, the lively push in drawer becomes all at once much slower. A special drawer fitting provides for this feature.

Braal - the whispering kitchen Braal - the whispering kitchen
What can whisper in a kitchen? Curiously from the advertising saying, I decide to go for the thing on the reason. The solution of the riddle is the seal mechanic of the drawers.

Cooking tools Cooking tools
In the uppermost drawer are, after all, cooking tools, which I have never seen some before.

Flatware case Flatware case
Above the big drawer for the plates, the case is for the flatware.

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