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Princess on the pea: Double bed with one mattress! Princess on the pea: Double bed with one mattress!
If I liked to be near my woman, gaps interfere in the bed immensely. There I become properly the princess on the pea. Only double beds like this with one mattress!

French bed French bed
After one hears in so many cheap shops, 2 mattresses with a gap to seperate the lovers is the last wisdom, finally, a right bed for a pair.

Passable wardrobe Passable wardrobe
Behind the sliding door is an extensive system of drawers and bars for the clothes. Sliding door to and nothing is to be seen more from all contents.

Passable cupboard Passable cupboard
Separee from Bavaria shows his cupboard and sliding door systems. An interesting solution, I include it perhaps in my planning for my own house.

Flat chest of drawers Flat chest of drawers
How only does this big drawer come to the elegnt rounded very flat chest of drawers? Look Precise, the orange border is not the wall.

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