Bathroom furniture

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Shower toilet Shower toilet
Flush and hot air dryer instead of toilet paper brings more comfort and hygiene at the toilet. The production of 1 kg paper needs 8 kWh energy.

Designer sauna Designer sauna
Inside completely in Hemlock natur, outside Okoume blond and noble Wenge. As accessories there is color light therapy, loudspeaker and an alarm without cable.

Bathtub runs over Bathtub runs over
But never mind because all around a overflow bowl full with stones is. In the overflow is also a lighting cyclically changing the colors. Here in the red phase.

Bathroom accessories Bathroom accessories
Cotton donator and soap donator of ' Design im Griff' for the wall assembly.

Whirlpool in bath Whirlpool in bath
Exclusive detail in the bathroom: Bathtoob with whirlpool to show the connection between noble livestyle and solar energy.

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