Antechamber furniture

Picked furniture for the antechamber. Directory over all our reports about antechamber furniture.

Key storage Key storage
Design pieces like this establish consuetudes and increase by this the comfort, because the keyes are not somewhere misplaced and later desperate searched.

Turnable cloakroom hooks Turnable cloakroom hooks
5 cloth hooks for the cloakroom, once folded together, once turned for action.

Foldable coat hooks Foldable coat hooks
Mounted in order to save space on the wall, an arm with 6 notches for hanger can become folded out.

Design in grip - furniture fittings Design in grip - furniture fittings
''Desgin im Griff'' - in the grip - as the company tells, design for furniture fittings under control Wheter coat hook, cloakroom chopping oder Badhroom accessories.

Shoe box below staricase Shoe box below staricase
The next furniture below the staricase is for shoes, because they need less height than the wardrobe. Passionate optimal space usage.

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