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100 GW wind energy installed
Middle May 2008 are worldwide 100 GW wind energy power plants working, 240 GW shall be 2012 and until 2020 shall be enlarged to 1000 GW.

Flywheel to store electric power Flywheel to store electric power
Simple iron. Because the equilibration of wind energy fluctuations is an stationary task, expensive super materials do not pay off.

Flywheel storage Flywheel storage
For off grid systems with wind energy, the flywheel storage equilibrates the continual fluctuations of the wind energy. 5 kWh storage capacity and 200kW peak power for 90 seconds.

Enercon E82 wind power plant Enercon E82 wind power plant
The biggest attraction in hall 13 was the Enercon 82 wind power plant Look at the details of the wind energy technic from close distance.

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