Photovoltaic off grid systems

Off grid photovoltaic systems. Directory over all our reports about off grid PV systems.

7Ah solar equipment 7Ah solar equipment
The larger solar equipment is delivered with 3 plugs for 12V. So it's possible to power with the base equipment differend small devices at the same tme.

4Ah solar equipment 4Ah solar equipment
Improvemts compared to 2005. Everything is visible inside the blister packaging. The charge controller is attached to the battery, so the battery can be easy exchanged.

2 billion people off grid 2 billion people off grid
Small affordable solar sets for all the people where the electric power does not come put of the plug. As we know, electric power falls down from the sky.

10 watts Photovoltaic set 10 watts Photovoltaic set
10 watts PV and 12 Ah sealed lead acid battery raise the price of the complete arrangement on 250. EUR. This is already enough to use a notebook 2 or 3 hours on a sunny day.

It becomes a light in Africa: Solar set with lamp It becomes a light in Africa: Solar set with lamp
7 watts Photovoltic, 7 Ah sealed lead battery and, in addition, a cable with a lamp. Clean light instead of an oil lamp. Completely for 120. EUR.

Electricity for Africa Electricity for Africa
Electric power for people without public electricity net and minimal monthly income. SolarCompact has specialized in these people forgotten by the big companies.

Solar energy beginner's parcel less than 60. EUR Solar energy beginner's parcel less than 60. EUR
4 watts Photovoltaic modul, 3 Ah 12 V of sealed lead battery, connecting leads for a 12 V lamp and with a 12 V of outlet to connect the whole world of 12V car applications.

Switch box for micro solar energy equipment Switch box for micro solar energy equipment
No matter whether 4, 7 or 10 watts of solar set, on the backside is the connection for the photovoltaic and an on/off switch. Inside charge regulator and sealed lead acid battery.

Solar equipment packing Solar equipment packing
SolarCompact improved the packaging since 2005. On the rearside of the blister packaging are devices shown possible to power with a small solar equipment

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