Photovoltaic and heat combined

Cogeneration of electric power and heat from one modul. Optimal utilization of roofs by combined production of electric power and heat on the same area.

Combined collector Combined collector
From left to right: solar collector, photovoltaic and both in one. The combined colletor has a so good thermal efficiency, that hot water can be produced without heat pump.

Part form an adequate roof Part form an adequate roof
An aluminium tin with inlaid pipes similar to a floor heating. The roof delivers heat in the summer. The roof is kept snow free in winter. Above the photovoltaic.

Backside of a combined photovoltaic modul Backside of a combined photovoltaic modul
Horizontal the common cooling pipe, vertically the capillar pipes for the cooling of the photovoltaic cells. Every degree Celsius cooling brings 0,48% more power.

Combined modul photovoltaic solar collector Combined modul photovoltaic solar collector
Looks like a photovoltaic, delivers more electric power than a normal photovoltaic, because this modul delivers also heat at the same time and works so cooler.

Photovoltaic or solar collector Photovoltaic or solar collector
Best of all 100% of the roof surface with photovoltaik and 100% with Sonenkollektoren. This goes by a new technology which unites both functions in the same surface perfectly.

Photovoltaic modul with water cooling Photovoltaic modul with water cooling
The photovoltaic has 2 connections for cooling water. Warm with the warmth the swimming pool or the earth collector of the heat pump based heating system.

Electric power, heat and climate regulation
Big towns have a some degree Celsius more warm climate than the green surroundings. This has not to be like this, however a mad energy wastefulness costing us much money.

Roof secure for the future
Roofs not producing no electric power an no heat and break down because a littile bit snowfall have nothing to do with a secure future.

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