There is no over capacity at photovoltaic

The chief of a solar company talks about an over capacity on the photovoltaik market. But the worldwied production is just 1% of the absolut minimum from what is required.

  From where should the energy come?

I think I have to talk with the chief of this photovoltaic company about his profession. Photovoltaic is not a nice sundries to earn a little bit of money. From the photovoltaic industrie depends the future of mankind.

  373 GW PV yearly production to compensate peak oil

What to do when oil production decreases 3 million barrel per year? It's possible to replace crude oil with electric power. Depending on application are different quantities of electric power necessary to replace 1 litre oil. Let's take for an example 3 kWh per litre.

3 Millionen * 158,97 (barrel to litre) * 365 days = 174 billion litre.

174 billion litre * 3 kWh = 522 TWh electric power

When one Watt photovoltaic produces in average 1400 Wh per year, it's necessary to produce 373 GW photovoltaic.

  Higher energy demand

But to compensate peak-oil is only a small part of the complete task. There are humans, the demand for energy increases. Peak natural gas and peak uran have also to be compensated. Let's take a round number for the absolute minimum with 1000 GW photovoltaic yearly production.

  About 1% of the minimum

To talk from over capacity at a worldwide production in the range of 1% of the absolut minimum is not to surpass ludicrousness.