CO2 carbon dioxid interest

Who takes a credit has to pay back because of the interest much more. Also at the greenhouse gases, interest exists, the unfreezing permafrost grounds worsen the situation.

We have to see the fossil greenhouse gas emissions like a credit, which has to be paid back. Not only this, like at every credit, also with interest. Becaue of the interest, it has to be paid back more than the amount of the credit.

  Slow realizing

Atound 1990, the idea was to take each year a little bit less new credits. Nothing else is it, at the reduction of the CO2 emission. Each CO2 emission is like taking a credit. Less CO2 emissions means less borrowing.

The next step is zero emission. Great! There goes somebody to the bank, tells I do not take any new credit, that's it, Good bye!

Revolutionary is the idea to take out all the fossil emission from the atmosphere. For this the first cost estimation from 2008

  Pay bacl with much interest

According to new knowledge, the 350 billion tons CO2 from the fossil age could cause 1000 billion tons CO2 from unfreezing permafrost grounds could be freed. Even with the most radical counter measures, the fossil emission will rise to 400 billion tons. So we have to calculate 250% interest for our CO2 credit.

  Instead of 400 to 700 by interest 1400 to 2450 EUR per ton CO2

Ridiculous are the current 10.-EUR per ton CO2 certificates. A mockery of the following generations. We have tax laws to economize humans instead of CO2.

CO2 carbon dioxide
Overview about different aspects of the green house gas prolems. Above all, what will it cost to reach again the normal state?