Built on sand, no worse built on oil

We stand at the rubble of our civilization. A civilization built on crude oil, becoming unusable after peak oil.

  German reconstruction 1945

The German stood 63 years ago really in front of the rubble of their country. Bombed cities, bombed factories.

But only 3 years later, after the rubble was put away, the German economy miracle started. An optimistic time full of it's all breaking up.

  A civilization built on oil

It was for the Germans 1945 easy to recognize, that their country is only rubble, that the reconstruction has to start. It's not possible to live in rubble.

But we have it much more difficult with the recognition. Our buildings are still standing, our cars are still driving. It becomes only more and more painfull to pay for the energy, for not freezing in the winter, to drive our cars.

There is a B17 bomber, the bomb shaft opens and one minute later is a street a field of rubble. But now is everything in total slow motion. The oil price increases and all what's operated by oil becomes more and more expensive.

The final result is the same. Unuseable houses, unuseable cars. But a pile of rubble is more easy to recognice as unuseable than a bad insulated house, which becomes at 3.-EUR per litre fuel oil a ice cave in winte.

  Let's start with the reconstruction

Let's start with the reconstruction of our civilization. Let's take the German from1945 and their German economy miracle as our ideal. We thought, that we are rich. So many cars, so many houses. But we have built all on oil.

Let's start the solar age with plus-energy houses and plug-in hybrid cars.

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