Replace crude oil by electric power

The amount of electric power to replace an unit of fossile energy can, depending on application, be complete different.

Application Fossil kWh electricity Proportion
Super sports car city traffic 100km 25 l gasoline 15.0 0.60
2 stroke scooter vs electric scooter 100km 4 l gasoline 5.0 1.25
Change heating to heat pump 1 l fuel oil 2.0 2.00
Renault Kangoo city traffic 100km 6.7 l Diesel 14.4 2.15
Renault Kangoo outside town 100km 4.7 l Diesel 19.6 4.17
High temperature for industrial procedures 1 l fuel oil 7,0 7,00
BMW 7 gasoline vs hydrogen 100km 13.7 l gasoline 202.8 14.59
Ship propulsion with hydrogen 1 l heavy oil 15.0 15.00

The amount of electricity to replace 1 litre of a crude oil product differs between 0.6 and 15 kWh. The exteme points are: :
  • High efficient electric propulsion vs huge volume gasoline engine with extreme partial load disadvantage in city traffic
  • Electrolysis, liquefaction and use of hydrogen vs high efficient ship diesel engine.
It's logical, applications where crude oil is replaced with the smallest amount of electric power will be replaced first.

This is the reason why electric super sports car like the Tesla and electric scooters came first on the market.

But with increasing crude oil shortage, raising crude oil prices and decreasing prices for photovoltaic will be the point reached, where for the shipowner hydrogen produced by 15 kWh solar electric power is cheaper the 1 litre heavy oil.
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Peak Oil
The production of crude oil diminishes. Even the IEA tells this, which was always criticized for prognoses with much more oil production, in a dramatic turn around.

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