South side with sunny sight

Who gets the south side? Human or solar equipment? Against most rigid solar architecture, not the solar equipment but the human inhabitants.

A solar equipment is a plain area inclined towards south. This is the current standard imagining of a solar equipment.

Ay my first plus energy house 1992, I even thought, only towards south is not enough, it has to turn after the sun. So it happened that the whole GEMINI house turned after the sun

  Roof ridge from north to south

When the south side belongs to the inhabitants, a roof ridge from north to south from north to south is the logical consequence. So one side of th roof inclines towards east, the other side towards west.

  No sloping walls

I live since September 2000 in a letting. The flour surface is 102m², but because of all the sloping walls is the apartment extem bad to use. Even after 5 years, I collide sometimes with the head on the sloping walls.

So the roof should be as flat as possible. This requirement for a flat roof, lightly inclining towards east and west influences the sort of photovoltaic to mount. A photovoltaic good performing at this alignment.

Different view points about photovoltaic from our different technical magazines as wide outstretched information about electric power from light.

Plan for house building - requirements specifications Plan for house building - requirements specifications
From the first idea over the requirements specifications and how this develops to constructions plans. The development of my second plus energy house.

Ground plan for an one family house
Thoughts about the ground plan during the planning of our plus energy house. Size of the house, division and size of the rooms.

Roof for a one family house
Planning for the roof, the deciding component, which makes a house an energy waster or energy producer. Electric power and warmth from the roof is a must.

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